singer and bass player for Fishnet Stockings since  1989
singer and guitar player for Those Guys since  1994
singer and bass player for QL since 2002
singer and guitarist solo since  2016
singer and guitarist for patSKAts since 2020

Real Music For Real People is Pät’s motto. Without a safety net, no special effects, no gimmicks, just genuine handmade Rock’n’Roll! Always there to entertain his crowd. „Armed“ with just a microphone, a guitar, a bass drum and a looper, Pät plays songs from the entire history of Rock. Tunes to sing and dance to, in English, German and French. At Pät’s gigs, you wont be able to stand still and will always have a smile on your face. On concerts or private parties, Pät is the man to get the party started! Pät became famous as the singer and bass player of the funpunk band „QL“ from Biel, Switzerland. With them, he received one platinum and three gold records for the sales of more than 100’000 albums. Pät is still on the road with „QL“. Please check for more information.